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Tulalip Tribes Treaty Signing

Tulalip Tribes Council Chambers, October 27

“We fully support this initiative and encourage other tribes to sign this document and to stand in solidarity on this issue, the consequences from which could impact us all.”

Chairman Mel Sheldon, The Tulalip Tribes.


“The Tulalip Tribes have long held a cultural connection with the Great Bear. When our coastal dwelling people journeyed to the highlands, we were very much in the presence of the Great Bear. The Skykomish and Snoqualmie Tribes, who are a portion of the Tulalip Tribes, viewed the grizzly as a powerful spirit animal and always let them pass when their paths crossed. The women, if picking berries, would turn their baskets over and drum them a song, the men would sing as the bear passed. Traditions like these are part of our heritage, and part of Washington’s as well. It would be tragic to lose those connections.”


From the Tulalip Tribes statement on grizzly preservation and recovery. Read the full statement here:

L-R: Councilman Glen Gobin, Chairman Mel Sheldon, Jr., Projects Manager Patti Gobin, Vice Chairwoman Marie Zackuse.

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