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Northern Cheyenne Nation Treaty Signing

Lame Deer and Ashland, Montana, November 14

“I was the first tribal president to sign official correspondence opposing the delisting and trophy hunting of the grizzly bear. The Northern Cheyenne Tribe has been at the forefront of this effort. Our governing body unanimously voted to oppose the delisting of the grizzly bear while in legal session on December 1, 2014. In addition, our Tribal Council supports government-to-government consultation on matters that may impact our Northern Cheyenne culture and the traditional ceremonial practices of which the grizzly bear has a very unique position. As a Sovereign Indian Nation we stand together with the other members of our family of Indian Nations that oppose the delisting of the grizzly bear.”


Llevando Fisher, President, Northern Cheyenne Tribe.



“Custer was one of the first trophy hunters of the great grizzly, and after that it was not long before the sacred grizzly was exterminated in the Black Hills and the few that survived were forced into the mountains. Today, we are trying to stop what we lost in the Black Hills from being repeated in Yellowstone. In this day and age we have corporations looking to exploit the natural resources of this land just like they did in the Black Hills. These trophy hunters destroy a part of us and our lives by killing the grizzly. My children will probably never experience these great beings if these doors are opened through this delisting, and so we look toward stopping what Custer started.”


James Walks Along, Former Northern Cheyenne THPO Director – Envoy for President Fisher.

Out-going Northern Cheyenne President Llevando 'Cowboy' Fisher signs the treaty

Newly elected Northern Cheyenne President L. Jace Killsback

signs the treaty

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