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Nisqually Indian Tribe and Puyallup Tribe of Indians Treaty signings

Oct 27 & 28, Nisqually Center and Puyallup Council Chamber

“You can relate this famous quote of my dad’s to this issue: ‘As the salmon disappear, so do our tribal cultures and treaty rights. We are at a crossroads, and we are running out of time.’ In this case, just substitute the grizzly bear for the salmon, and the meaning and consequences are exactly the same. I try to communicate to our people that as Tribal Nations we need to support each other. If we stand together we can be unbreakable. This is an important issue that tribes need to stand together on.”

Councilman Willie Frank, III, Nisqually Indian Tribe.

Nisqually Vice Chairman Chris Olin with Councilman Willie Frank, III

Puyallup Councilman Bean signs the treaty

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