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Kaw Tribe - Tonkawa Tribe - Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma Treaty Signings, 

November 21-22, 2016

"All life comes from our Mother Earth, and then we are born unto this earth, and we go, “Aah,” and we breath that sacred breath that comes from our relatives, the trees and the plant nations — where they give us this thing called oxygen and we breathe out this thing called carbon dioxide. That is that sacred trading of energies that we are given so that each of us can have life. There is an intricate, intricate dance of life that happens between the Mother Earth, and the mother, and the spirit and the body. All this is an ongoing dance until we transition into the next world."

Councilwoman Casey Camp-Horinek, Ponca Nation of Oklahoma

Chairman Earl Howe, Ponca Nation

Vice President Patrick Waldroup & President Russel Marten, Tonkawa Tribe

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