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On October 3 in Jackson Hole, Interior’s Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee – Yellowstone Ecosystem Subcommittee is expected to approve the post-delisting regulatory document, the Conservation Strategy.

Why a Congressional Investigation

has been called for

Blackfeet Indian boy

Chief Vincent Yellow Old Woman, Chief of the Siksika Nation, and others, have categorized the proposed delisting of the grizzly bear as an act of cultural genocide against our people."

"Through information obtained via FOIA requests it is now apparent that the motivational factors behind both the delisting of the grizzly bear and the construction of the DAPL are closely aligned.”

Baker-Doane Massacre Site

America’s first national park should no longer have features named after the proponents and exponents of genocide, as is the case with Hayden Valley and Mount Doane.


Sacred Yellowstone
Tipi with grizzly bear design

The Piikani Nation has an ancient connection to Greater Yellowstone.

And our ancestors gave their lives to protect the sanctity of that land

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