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Washington D.C. Native Nations Rise Meetings

California Tribal Nations

Vice Chairman Oscar 'Tyke' Billings, Councilwoman Leilani Pole and Councilman Gary Risling


“We are fully in support of this treaty and what it represents. If we don’t all stand together we will fall apart in pieces.”

Councilwoman Leilani Pole, Hoopa Valley Tribal Nation.

“California today is home to the largest population of Native Americans in all fifty states. The Karuk Tribe is the second largest Tribe in California. The success of Tribal businesses and the rise of Tribal members in all walks of life today stand as testament to the resilience and enduring spirit of our Native peoples. For the Karuk Tribe today, our dedication to protecting the salmon in our country is the equivalent of the struggle of our brothers and sisters to protect the grizzly bear in the Rockies. The grizzly bear and the salmon have a sacred connection. Our people once cohabited with the grizzly in our homeland. We are honored to sign this treaty and stand in solidarity with our relatives across Indian Country to help in the protection of these sacred beings, our sacred ceremonial sites, and our cultures. Yootva kura suva nik.”

Chairman Russell “Buster” Attebery, Karuk Tribe.

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